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What Is HR Management Software?

HR Management Software solutions are types of software that help human resources teams to better manage their routine HR processes. They integrate and automate run-of-the-mill processes and workflows, so that HR teams can spend less time on admin, and more time driving organizational change. HR software suites can increase productivity, reduce costs, and ultimately give your HR team the resources they need to support your employees.


HRISs (human resources information systems) help HR teams to manage the data associated with their routine processes, such a workforce management, payroll and core HR. They make it easier to HR teams to maintain a standardized database of their people data, which makes it easier to process that data.

HCM (human capital management) software helps HR teams handle the lifecycle of each of their employees. This includes recruitment and onboarding, learning and development, benefits administration, performance management and reporting. HCM systems enable each employee to be the best they can possibly be.

HRMSs (human resources management systems) help HR teams not only to manage their data (like HRISs) and generate meaningful insights into recruitment, employee satisfaction, and productivity (like HCMs), but they also enable HR teams to integrate and automate payroll processing and time-off tracking. In other words, they’re designed to be a single source of truth for all your HR needs.

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