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What is DNS Web Filtering?

DNS Web Filtering (Domain Name System Web Filtering) platforms are a type of Cloud Web Filtering that filters internet traffic based on DNS look-ups. Domain Names are how web pages are identified. Every webpage has a unique IP address, which when matched to the domain name is how the website is found online. This is matched by a DNS server which matches the IP address to the domain name. which matches the IP address to the domain name, which then connects to the browser to load the webpage. When a DNS Filtering platform is in place however, the connection from the browser to the domain contains a filter. This stops malicious sites from loading on the browser, protecting users from harmful content. Using this technology DNS Filtering platforms are a way to block viruses and malware from any device, anywhere within a network domain, across all devices. Many DNS Web Filtering platforms have a blacklist of malicious or harmful website domains that cannot be access on their networks.

What is Cloud Web Filtering?

Cloud Web Filtering or Secure Web Gateway platforms protect internet connected devices from harmful web content. They filter harmful websites so that internet users cannot access them and block online viruses and malware from being downloaded to PCs. Web Filtering platforms will scan for malicious website code, filter harmful URLs and provide data loss prevention.

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