Compare The Top Talent Acquisition And Applicant Tracking Platforms

What Are Talent Acquisition And Applicant Tracking Tools?

Talent acquisition is the process of advertising vacancies, recruiting, tracking and interviewing candidates, then onboarding and training up new starters. The people a company hires are crucial to that company’s success, and HR teams are responsible for making sure that they find the right person to fill each position. Talent acquisition tools help HR teams find the right people not just for today, but in the long term. They usually offer integrations with job advertisement platforms such as LinkedIn, to make it easier to source talent. They also help to automate the processes of tracking and interviewing candidates; all candidate information is stored in one location, and the system sets up automatic communications to ensure applicants are kept in the loop. Some offer calendar integrations to help set up interviews without having to manually compare the availability of all attendees, and skills gap analysis tools to help HR teams to see whether each applicant is suitable not only for the immediate role to which they’re applying, but also higher positions further down the line.

Compare Talent Acquisition And Applicant Tracking Solutions