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What are Email Marketing Tools?

Email Marketing is one of the most popular online marketing strategies. These tools allow you to create an email template, fill it with your great content, and then send it out to your email lists. A good service should allow you to easily create engaging email designs, and track how well they are performing. It should also allow you to send out personalised emails to specific customer segments. Most importantly, your emails shouldn’t end up in the spam folder. You want customers to engage with your content - and they can’t do that if they never see it.

Email Marketing tools should allow you to create high quality and engaging email templates. This should include pictures and videos, with some more advanced tools offering widgets like personalised widgets and countdown timers for sales. Most allow users to make emails from scratch with HTML editors, or allow less experienced marketers to create templates easily with drag and drop email editors.

Another important factor is features that making it easy for marketing teams to implement campaigns and see how well they are performing. Many email marketing tools will offer functionality which allows them to add different customer segments easily to email lists. Advanced platforms will offer automated marketing which will target people with items left in their ‘basket,’ or people who are regularly looking at one product. All good email marketing tools should offer a range of analytics to show how many people have engaged with emails, and how many go onto make a sale, to show return on investment.

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