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The Top 8 Enterprise Password Managers For Business In 2024

Expert Insights have tested leading password managers for enterprise to help you find the right solution.

The Top 8 Password Managers For Business Include:

Expert Insights has rigorously tested the best password managers on the market, focusing specifically on business use cases, to bring you a curated list of the top solutions.

Why It Matters: Weak passwords are one of the number one causes of data breaches in enterprise organizations. Hackers aren’t breaking into business accounts. They are logging in.

  • Business password managers promote better password hygiene and give admins more control over password policies and sharing.
  • The user experience for password managers can be very mixed. Finding the right solution is a challenge in a competitive market.

Five criteria were used to determine the top solutions:

  • User Experience: Adding, managing, and sharing access passwords
  • Admin Controls: Password policies, rules, and reporting
  • Security: Encryption, FIDO and SSO/SAML support
  • Additional Features: Such as as dark web monitoring 
  • Pricing: The total cost of the service

June 2024: We’ve updated the list to bring you up-to-date product features and information

Dashlane Logo

Dashlane Business is a user-friendly, easy-to-implement enterprise password manager for all major devices, operating systems, and browsers. It delivers comprehensive admin controls and a modern user experience.

What We Like: The Dashlane app is sleek, user-friendly, and well designed for admins and end-users. In our testing, we found it easy to add, update, and manage passwords, generate reports and manage user groups.

Best Features:

  • Granular policy controls, including enforcing 2FA and disabling password autofill
  • Can be used to store and autofill 2FA verification tokens saving user’s time
  • You can store and manage FIDO Passkeys, as well as passwords 

Bottom Line: Dashlane offers one of our favourite user experiences for business password management. The solution is packed with features, including dark web monitoring and secure credit card storage. The solution is also highly secure, with additional Argon2d encryption for securing against brute force password attacks.

Dashlane is suited for teams of all sizes. The platform offers two pricing packages, Team and Business.

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JumpCloud logo

JumpCloud is an IAM platform for managing devices, access, and security policies.  JumpCloud’s password manager is delivered in two components, a desktop app available for Mac, PCs, or Linux devices, and a browser extension. 

What We Like: The solution is tightly integrated into the JumpCloud IAM platform. Users can login using a PIN to access all of their passwords. Admins can manage automated onboarding and offboarding policies, enforce secure MFA and SSO workflows, and view comprehensive reports. JumpCloud’s platform unifies password, identity and device management. 

Best Features: 

  • Fully integrated into identity and access management workflows 
  • Comprehensive admin console including policies, MFA & SSO policies, and reporting 
  • All password data is stored locally, which reduces the risk of password compromise

Bottom Line:  JumpCloud Password Manager is a strong option for organizations looking for password management as part of a comprehensive, market-leading identity and access management solution. 

JumpCloud offers transparent pricing starting at just $9 per user, per month, billed annually. Discounts are available for non-profits, professional services, education, and security partners.

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Uniqkey Logo

Uniqkey is a GDPR compliant password manager, 2FA and access management solution offering centralized access control for admins. The solution is trusted by over 500 businesses globally.

What We Like: Passwords are stored locally and encrypted on the local device, rather than in the cloud. This is a very secure approach – even if Uniqkey were to be compromised, your passwords would still be safe. If your device is lost, a central backup is available, with the encryption keys held on an admin’s mobile device.

Best Features:

  • Secure, on device password storage and encryption
  • Admin policies include time-of-day and location-based password restrictions
  • Shadow IT monitoring for third-party accounts

Bottom Line: Uniqkey helps businesses improve their overall password hygiene, reduce security risks, and promote efficient collaboration amongst employees. The solution is easy-to-use and is a good choice for businesses based in Europe looking to partner with a GDPR compliant, EU-based provider.

  • Uniqkey offers per-user pricing. Contact the Uniqkey team directly for information on costs for your organization.
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Keeper Logo

Keeper is a market-leading business password management solution that promotes better password practices among employees, prevents account compromise, and meets business compliance standards.

What We Like: Keeper’s password vault is easy to use and accessible from anywhere, making it simple to create high-strength passwords, access controls, and securely share them with other team members when needed. Keeper also provides enterprise secrets management for developers.

Best Features:

  • Role-based controls for password access and sharing permissions
  • Built on a zero-knowledge security architecture
  • BreachWatch service to detect dark web compromised passwords

Bottom Line: Keeper is a reliable, fully featured, enterprise password manager solution. The platform is easy to use and offers comprehensive admin policies to enforce password security at all levels of an organization.

  • Base pricing starts at $3.75 per user, per month
1Password Logo

1Password offers secure, scalable, and easy-to-use password manager for teams. Credentials are synced seamlessly across browsers and devices, meaning employees always have access to their passwords.

What We Like: 1Password has a great end-user experience, especially for iOS/MacOS users. It also provides enterprise integrations across the security stack to make deployment easier. 1Password’s integrations can also consolidate reporting and alerting with other security tools.

Best Features:

  • Account recovery options in the event the master password is lost
  • Wipes copied passwords from the clipboard to stop copy/paste malware
  • Integrations across the security stack, including Slack, Azure AD and with SIEM tools

Bottom Line: 1Password strong features both for end users and admins. Admins get granular policies, customizable compliance reports and integrations across the security stack to help improve password security.

  • 1Password for Business pricing starts at $7.99 USD per month. A free 14-day trial of the service is also available.
BitWarden Logo

Bitwarden Business is a secure, scalable open-source password manager designed for teams of all sizes. Bitwarden can be self-hosted or run in the cloud.

What We Like:  Bitwarden’s source code is fully transparent and free to view. A great usability feature is the option to add multiple URLs for the same credentials. This is great for users who may require multiple logins for the same domain, or multiple domains for the same logins.

Best Features:

  • Secure sharing of passwords, payment cards, and notes
  • Policies for enforcing password length and complexity
  • Easy to deploy and integrate with active directories

Bottom Line: Bitwarden is a good choice for security conscious teams looking for a secure, open-source password manager. It’s trusted and popular – we think it’s a good fit for technical users who can really take advantage of the features and customizability of the platform.

  • Bitwarden Business pricing starts at $3 per user, per month.
NordPass Logo

NordPass Business is an enterprise password manager developed by Nord, the company best known for their VPNs and network access control solutions.

What We Like: NordPass offers a great end-user experience at home and on the go – it’s a very simple app for both desktop and mobile. The UI is neatly organized and it’s quick to open folders and grab specific passwords when needed. It’s a great choice for end users.

Best Features:

  • Detailed information on user activity and breached passwords
  • Support for USB security keys to protect access to password vaults
  • Stores payment cards, FIDO passkey, alarm PINS and Wi-Fi codes

Bottom Line: NordPass is an easy-to-use, secure, and convenient password management solution. The UI is fast and quick, and it’s a good solution for SMBs looking for a tool that can be easily deployed for remote users. The mobile app works really well, and it works across all operating systems.

  • NordPass Business is available from $3.59 per user, per month.
RoboForm Logo

Roboform Business securely stores passwords across all websites and applications, automatically capturing new passwords and auto-filling logins with a single click.

What We Like: Roboform is easy to use. The user interface looks very similar to Windows 10 file explorer, with a defined folder-based structure. This feels familiar for Windows users and makes it easy to file passwords in folders and groups.

Best Features:

  • Admins can configure granular password policies around password complexity and password rotations
  • Detailed reports across the organization, including at a user level
  • Robust reporting dashboard, with detailed reports, dark web monitoring, and alerting

Bottom Line: Roboform is popular with teams of all sizes. The improves password hygiene, without causing any extra hassle for users. We recommend Roboform as a strong fit for admins looking to roll out a password manager across an organization. 

  • Roboform Business pricing is based on subscription length and company size. A one-year subscription for 101+ users is $29.95 per user, per year.
RoboForm Logo
The Top 8 Password Managers For Business