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Should You Consider Leaving Symantec Email Security.Cloud (MessageLabs)?

Many customers of Symantec Email Security.Cloud will be nervous about Broadcom’s acquisition. Should you consider moving to an alternative solution?

Expert Insights / Jan 01, 2021 By Joel Witts

Symantec Email Security Gateway.Cloud Alternatives

Proofpoint Essentials

Proofpoint’s Essentials Secure Email Gateway platform provides cloud based, enterprise-class security for small and medium sized enterprises. It offers complete email protection, with spam and phishing protection, dynamic analysis of URLs and attachments, social media account protection and policy enforced encryption and data loss prevention. Proofpoint Essentials also provides Email Continuity and Archiving.

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IRONSCALES is a security vendor that provides protection inside the inbox for Office 365, G-Suite and Exchange. IRONSCALES protects users from phishing attacks and business email compromise by allowing admins to remove threats from inboxes at anytime. IRONSCALES offers advanced malware and URL protection and advanced protection against business email compromise and phishing, powered by machine learning.

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